Sunday, April 28, 2013

7 weeks

7 weeks today! Morning sickness isn't too bad, but it's not a walk in the park. Still haven't told work. Mom is going to see Nana today, and asked if she could spill the beans. I'm a little sad that I couldn't tell my grandmother in person, but I don't have any plan to be back in the Northeast anytime soon. My rule is that if something happens, mom has to untell her.
I was hoping to wait until I had confirmation on viability and a firm estimated due date (I ovulated on cd24, so my calculated and actual will likely be at least 10 days apart), but that ultrasound isn't until May 13, the days after Mother's Day and 2 days after I turn 30!
I was planning (on Pinterest) this huge 30th birthday bash - have a big open house and a ton of fun, but I'm not sure I'm feeling up to it now ... Plus I can't drink, which is one of my terrible coping mechanisms for coping with 30 people in my imperfect house.
I am so glad that spring has finally hit Minnesota! I did some gardening today, and it felt so good to be outside!!!

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  1. You are not dreaming of spring it is spring!

    Glad to hear nothing bad had happened. Enjoy 30 it was a great decade for me.