Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baby shower

I'm putting on a baby shower for a friend tomorrow, she's due with her first next month, and it will be exciting to see her get stocked up for her baby girl. We are using a Dr Seuss themed shower, and I have to admit I'm most excited about the piƱata. Because the cat in the hat has always annoyed the dickens out of me. I'm such a goody -two shoes, apparently. Give me Fox in Socks any day!!

I know you aren't supposed to give opinions on you own shower, but I love love love Sandra Boynton ...! And since apparently I'm going to be needing a shower early this winter, I figured I'd throw that out there (pending Monday's dr appt and 8.5 months of who- knows-what, of course!)

I'm ecstatic.


  1. Congratulations! Hoping it's a smooth 8.5 months for you ...

  2. Squeeeeeeeee Congrats. May it be smooth sailing.