Monday, April 1, 2013

"Day off"

We had a great, low-key Easter with my brother and his wife. We ended playing a 6-hour game of Arkham Horror, which we stopped when it became very clear that we were not going to win. I was completely drained of energy by the time they left, go go introverts. 
This morning I overslept, called the chiropractor to ask if I could show up 20 minutes late (he said yes), and promptly stepped in overflowed toilet water in my socked feet. Eww. I contemplated just going back to bed at that point.
I chickened out on asking my chiro if he knew the Bradley Method, and instead just chatted with him about the really cool foreign body surgery that I did last week. (Cat vs plastic cap found on wire shelves, cat survived, but barely). 
Went out to lunch with hubby and his co-workers, and ate so much delicious Indian food (and rice, and naan). Googled pre-diabetic diets, just out of curiosity (I am totally an apple and at higher risk because of PCOS), and cried a little at the carb restrictions they recommend. I'm not getting on that boat yet!!
Sucked it up and made an appointment with an internist for next week to discuss: PCOS, hypothyroid, obesity, and the m-fing excess body hair that seems to have erupted since I went off birth control last year. We'll see what happens with that, whether she says diet and exercise, or if maybe I can get a little metformin here in this body to see if we can regulate it. I can run 2.5 miles in 30 minutes and I still weigh 245 pounds - training may not be enough for my poor body. 
The bathroom floor is dry, but needs some serious bleach action. I guess I'll go do that now. :)

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  1. Good Luck with everything including the bathroom floor :) I hope you get some answers