Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quilting - a new project

I have been at a loss for a good project recently. Since last year we spent quite a bit of money on the house (new bed, new furnace, new floors in the basement), one of the guidelines is that my new project cannot be expensive. I have knitted 2 scarves for Becky's project with yarn I'd purchased a while ago but didn't like the way the project was turning out. The scarves came out nicely, but apparently I haven't taken any pictures of then. I should get on that.

For a project around Christmas, I'd purchased a couple of dat quarter bundles. I did not use them all, so my next project will be quilting! This should be fun. I signed up for a Craftsy course (free!), and last night I made the first 2 quilt squares. Now I covet a self-healing mat, a rotary cutter and a guide.

Here are my first two squares!