Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tidbits of a Thursday

Husband, Troll and I were watching Glee last night on Hulu (it is on a 1 day delay, and totally worth it to not have to have watch it at a certain time on a certain day). There's a scene where a character's girlfriend tells him that he has to choose between her and being on the football team. Being much older and wiser than we once were, there were choruses of "dump her!" that cycled around the room. I wonder if I'd ever been put in that situation in high school what I would have done.

This morning, as I was pouring the milk into my cereal bowl, I happily sighed "Happy Friday." My husband piped up from the other room, "I hate to be the one to tell you, but it's Thursday."

I am currently tackling the disaster I call a home one small little bite-sized project at a time. Last night it was sweep all the floors, and put away anything on the floors that shouldn't be. Tonight, much less ambitious, is to wash all the knives. Which leads us to a potentially dangerous question... why am I missing knives? Maybe I should check the Troll lair, I hope they're there, but he rarely uses ours, typically stealing only his own.

I watched older cat eat a whole stalk of steamed asparagus tonight, along with several mushrooms. Either he has better taste than my husband, or has more appreciation for the juices of the scallops with butter that they were cooked in.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Morning

A friend said to me recently that she really loved coming over to our house on Sunday mornings because it's just so cozy. It might be because I have an obsession with bacon, and only allow myself to make it on lazy weekend mornings. It might be because of my amazing coffee maker, which I put out actual sugar and creamer for, in their appropriate containers. It might be because listening to Prairie Home Companion replay on MPR and futzing around on the computers it just the perfect solution to a long week.

I came home on Friday night and was just completely and totally overwhelmed. Several glasses of wine, homemade pizza, and hot-from-the-oven flourless chocolate cupcakes (via Martha) thanks to the wonderful U, I figured out why it had been such a stressful day. It wasn't because any of my patients or clients were particularly challenging, although it was in no way a piece of cake to get through my day. Instead it was because of interpersonal staff issues. Guys, our job is tough enough. We are with people at some of the most wonderful and most difficult times of their lives, it is very emotional. Even our day to day drivel is emotional, and occasionally time-consuming and challenging. We do not need to fuss at each other while coping with this. A work-place should be a place of respect. You should understand that while there is a loose hierarchy in terms of who has more schooling, it's more divided into who has the best skills to do each job. We all have the same boss, and as long as you are not endangering anyone's health or screwing up what people are supposed to pay, he really doesn't care.

I vented a lot, drank a little more wine, and called it a night after playing some wonderful games. Saturday at work my optimism had returned. I was the only one, but baby steps are sometimes all you can get. We missed a friend's going away party yesterday because I can't read an e-mail (it was 12-5, not 5-12), and that made me a teensy bit cranky. Best Friend isn't in labor yet. Today I slept in and had bacon for breakfast, which brings us back to the beginning. But this time, I'll tell you that I have Bailey's in my coffee.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This may be the start of something new.

It's been days since I saw the sun. Well, maybe only 2 or 3. But still, that's roughly an eternity when you're solar powered like me. As I held my husband and whined to him about the lack of the rays-what-burned-me-to-hell last weekend, I remembered that I am sitting 24" from a sun lamp, formulated specifically to keep me from whining about this problem. I forgot to turn it on when I got home.

I just finished reading Alexa Stevenson's book, Half Baked. I was torn between cracking up, wanting to read parts out loud - even things that made even less sense out of context - and wanting to curl up and admit defeat to humanity. In short, it was an amazing book. I usually turn around and give my copy of books like these to the closest person who would enjoy it. But since it turns out Alexa LIVES IN MY STATE, I'm holding on to mind in the continued hope that she will accidentally fall into my lap one day and sign it. A girl can dream.

My challenge with blogging is feeling like I have to write something monumental every time. Now my uncle has started an awesome blog, and I have this renewed sense of wanting to observe the world around me, and record it for me to look back on in the future.

That is if Oberon (older cat) doesn't knock over my water bottle in his ongoing quest to lick everything in the house at least twice and making my whole computer cry.