Sunday, June 2, 2013

End of the first trimester, and the return of spring flowers!

I can't believe it's been a whole month since I posted! At about 8 weeks the fatigue that I'd been hearing so much about set in, and I think I spent the whole month on the couch. I'm finally starting to come out of the fog, and today actually got some tasks done around the house!! I didn't even log in to FarmVille2, my previously main addiction, during that time!!

Another cousin texted me congratulations... I told her it was a secret and so far I haven't heard any more about it. I'm at 12w1d today, and plan to tell Facebook (i.e. the world) on Thursday, which is our fourth wedding anniversary. Dan and I are still debating how to announce, somehow I feel like I'm going to win this one ;)

Things are going overwhelmingly well, although I got back a positive test for a recent exposure to toxoplasmosis and that is stressing me out a bit. I got blood drawn two days ago for a recheck test, so I'm just waiting on results at this point. I've read a lot of things that tell me that statistically everything will be fine, at this point the normal anatomy screening should be adequate to predict outcomes. I have my first trimester testing tomorrow! I'm excited for another ultrasound, and to see this little Newt dancing.

My boss and co-workers are very excited, and my boss and office manager seem to be more concerned about my co-worker leaving (understandably). It feels great to be so supported at work. I have taken x-rays twice so far, and avoiding anesthetic gas exposure has been harder than I expected, but I'm keeping it to a minimum. Otherwise, because of my previous back problems, I'm avoiding lifting and stupid big dogs as much as I always have, so no change or problems there.

In the last month spring has sprung! Our lilacs have bloomed with vigor and are starting to fade now. The crab apple tree put on quite a magenta show that is becoming a blanket of petals on the lawn. Way more tulips came back this year than I expected, and I made sure to enjoy each and every one while they stuck around. A few hyacinths came back, the new azalea produced two bunches of flowers, and one of the alliums popped out a flower. I love my yard.

This weekend is the drama of watching my brother and sister-in-law move... it's hilarious. I am keeping myself sane by primarily staying out of the way :)