Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tidbits of a Thursday

Husband, Troll and I were watching Glee last night on Hulu (it is on a 1 day delay, and totally worth it to not have to have watch it at a certain time on a certain day). There's a scene where a character's girlfriend tells him that he has to choose between her and being on the football team. Being much older and wiser than we once were, there were choruses of "dump her!" that cycled around the room. I wonder if I'd ever been put in that situation in high school what I would have done.

This morning, as I was pouring the milk into my cereal bowl, I happily sighed "Happy Friday." My husband piped up from the other room, "I hate to be the one to tell you, but it's Thursday."

I am currently tackling the disaster I call a home one small little bite-sized project at a time. Last night it was sweep all the floors, and put away anything on the floors that shouldn't be. Tonight, much less ambitious, is to wash all the knives. Which leads us to a potentially dangerous question... why am I missing knives? Maybe I should check the Troll lair, I hope they're there, but he rarely uses ours, typically stealing only his own.

I watched older cat eat a whole stalk of steamed asparagus tonight, along with several mushrooms. Either he has better taste than my husband, or has more appreciation for the juices of the scallops with butter that they were cooked in.

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