Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's a wild, crazy world

Dr confirmed it! Due sometime in December, sent home with a bag of free samples and forms to fill out :-) I now own my first diaper and pacifier.

Currently stressed out about exercise. How much is too much? I thought is be fine just listening to my body, but then I stared having panicky thoughts about how my heart rate was up and I was sweating and what if I was causing irreparable damage to my little newt. I've done more research, and the jury seems to be on the side of don't start a new exercise routine, but if you have one you like that is working for you, go for it.

So I think I'll decrease my epic hill climb elliptical workouts that routinely keep my heart rate above 165 to something that peaks at 160 and stays lower overall. Too bad I hate the pool, it seems like a really good solution to my problem!!


  1. Well, nice to have things confirmed. December birthdays are .. complicated, but nice because everyone's already feeling festive.

    No clue on the exercise. I was on pelvic and/or bedrest from embryo transfer to delivery, both times, so I considered walking to the bathroom "exercise".

  2. Congrats again. Hate the pool swoon.....noooooo we are big swimmers over here.