Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So close to spring!

So nana misunderstood, and she told her eldest daughter, who told her eldest daughter at which point the Facebook Congratulations started. I think/hope/beg that it's back under wraps, and my aunt doesn't have Facebook (and my cousin was incredibly sweet when I told her it was a secret still).

My parents are not effusive people, but my mom seems pretty excited. I think I'm going to tell my boss and the office manager (his wife) at our dr meeting tomorrow night. She's going out of the country for 3 weeks next week, and my other co-worker is quitting to move with her husband back to Connecticut. We figured that it would go better if we tag teamed them :-) I still think I'm going to hold off on telling my co-workers until after the ultrasound on the 13th. Especially since my darling husband had a twin dream!!!

Craving - very little. Aversions- whole cuts of meat (chicken breasts, pork chops). Some mild pregnancy nose (I can smell poop very well at work...). Rolling waves of nausea worse in the afternoon, nowhere near debilitating but uncomfortable. No bloating. Normal pants/clothes. 7.5 weeks.

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