Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meteorologically, it IS spring already

I never know what to write on here. As a vet, I need to practice client confidentiality, especially as this blog is in my real name. As a friend, I can't share all my friends' lives for them. As an individual, I don't know how much I want to share on the internet in my real name.

I also go through phases where I'm totally cool with telling anyone anything, and phases where I'd rather deal with things on my own. How do you figure out what to put out there, into the vast aether that is the internet? How do you figure out what to hold back and process, because you don't have to unsay what you never said in the first place? And, as an aside, where on earth does the question mark actually belong in that last sentence.

I'm trying Feedly now that google reader is going away ::sniff::

My quilting is all on the back burner. My knitting is chugging along (2 pairs of socks finished this year!, a baby sweater that the baby it was originally intended for is already too big for, which means that motivation is just not there despite the fact that I am one sleeve from finishing.)

We're kinda sorta trying to get pregnant. Which stresses me out, and excites me. And I have so much more to say about this and don't know how much to say. I'll think on it. I read so many infertility blogs that I feel like I know what this feels like, but going through it myself is a whole different ball game.

I crave spring. I'm so happy that it is light out more often. I wish there were less than a foot of snow on the ground.


  1. Yeah Boo Google reader RIP. I am not sure what not to blog and to blog. It is a gut thing. Good Luck TTC my thoughts are with you!!

    1. I'm glad you poked me to post :)... maybe it will get interesting around here!