Saturday, May 12, 2012

How I made most of a quilt...

I found fabric that I couldn't live without:

Then I got a whole bunch of tools that made my life a better place:

Then I cut it all into 5" squares, paired them entirely randomly, and made a whole pile of half-square triangles. I squared them to 4.5":

I made a whole bunch of 12-square rows:
Sewed them all together to make a 12x10 quilt:

And finally ended up with a finished quilt top:

I had to sacrifice a quilt to the cat to prevent him from "helping."

Next up - Find a backing fabric (I'm thinking a dark brown), and a binding fabric (I'm thinking the exact same dark brown), and quilt! (I'm thinking straight line quilting, turquoise thread).
Then I learn to bind a quilt and then I never give it away ever because I MADE IT!

1 comment:

  1. That's really great! I wish I could sew, but I have ZERO talent in that area.

    Cat looks appreciative of your work as well. ;)